A Unique Fellowship Program For India’s Top Growing Startups


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A year long fellowship program for India’s top growing startups with the aim to build a close-knit community who can help each other multiply their impact.

The program will provide recognition & support to these startups in the areas of fund raising exploring new markets & customers, strategic investments, overall business expansion in India and other network countries and enable peer to peer learning. The Junction will serve as the medium to identify India’s most innovative 42 growing startups and bring them together.

Zero to One is the easier bit. Going from One to Ten is the hard part. Imagine 42 awesome companies at the same stage facing similar problems coming together and helping each other over the year.

It takes a peer network and a long-term commitment to build high growth companies grow and succeed. We will identify, qualify, connect, and empower founders of growing startups who are building scalable solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Each year we will select 42 of the most promising startups from India for the 42 Fellowship starting 2017 to create a lifelong and valuable community of the smartest entrepreneurs.

The 42Fellowship Program Benefits

At The Junction

  • Showcase your startup at The Junction 2017 by Inc42 in front of 300 global tech influencers

  • Become a part of a high value peer group and support  community

  • Felicitation with the prestigious title of the “42Fellow 2017”

  • The fellowship allows 1 Founder from each startup in The Junction which covers the complete cost of stay

  • Curated one-on-one meetings scheduled with investors by Inc42 on your behalf at The Junction

  • Participation at the Fellows Lounge: An exclusive & curated showcase opportunity for the Founders to exhibit their ideas & companies to the 300 delegates of the entire conference

  • Access to panel discussions and sessions with some of the world’s best startup investors and tech leaders

  • Private interactions among the 42 startups at the Junction which is very important given we learn the best from our fellow entrepreneurs who are on the same stage as us.

Beyond The Junction

  • A profile story on each startup on Inc42 as part of The 42Fellowship

  • 3 minute video of each Fellow distributed on Inc42 platform and social channels post conference.

  • A mid year review/coverage of all The 42Fellowship startups tracking their growth and performance since The Junction

  • Access to the annual retreat of all 42 fellowship startups with the participation of other successful founders

  • Year end report on all The 42Fellowship startups to be distributed to all attendees of The Junction 2018.

  • Invite to The Junction 2018 as senior fellows where you also form the path for next year fellows

  • Access to various workshops, closed door mentorship hours, invite only networking gatherings throughout the year

  • Preferential access to Inc42’s private events across the year

  • The Inc42 Startup Kit and a lot more…


  • Startups that have been operational for at least 1 year and less than 5 years old.

  • Startups that have raised not more than USD 2.5 million or INR 15 Crores in total.

  • Startups with annual revenues less than USD 5 million or INR 30 Crores.

  • Startups must be registered in India or founded in India.

  • Preference will be given to those startups falling under The Junction’s 6 focus sectors (Fin-Tech, Health-Tech, Retail-Tech, Enterprise-Tech, Media & Entertainment, Deep-Tech).